Welcoming Teen Moms with Open Arms

A place of acceptance and love for teen moms and babies.

It’s a place where adverse circumstances meet God’s grace. The Babies First Home, a program of United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH), provides young moms in foster care with a place to call home.

People We Serve

We provide teen mothers in foster care with love, acceptance and stability in the midst of adversity stemming from neglect, abuse or abandonment. Housing both a teen mother and her baby, we provide all the resources necessary for them to live, grow and thrive. Due to the various challenges associated with caring for a teen mother, our program is known throughout the state of Alabama for its ability to provide customized care for this population of vulnerable youth.

How We Serve

Our staff meets a variety of needs for teen mothers placed in UMCH’s care. Whether it’s running mothers or babies to doctors appointments, daycare, school or part-time jobs, our staff keeps up with each mom’s complex schedule, a seemingly impossible task for any young mom left to do it alone. In addition to maintaining an organized and comfortable living environment, our caring staff helps them with the following:


While those in this program are often greatly dependent on us coming into the program, our goal is to prepare them to become independent upon leaving in an effort to positively impact their future home and family’s trajectory for generations to come.

In addition to providing these young women with resources that empower them to move past the adversity they face, we also help them heal by surrounding them with God’s love. They are invited to become a part of a local church congregation who provide opportunities for them to encounter God through worship and Bible study.

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Where We Serve

Babies First is located in Mobile, Alabama and is strategically located close to schools, daycare and places of employment to meet the varying needs of teen mothers in our care.

Quick Facts

Success Story

Success Story

“The Children’s Home afforded me the opportunity to get well mentally because I had been through so much. It allowed me to flourish and rise above what I needed to rise above. They made me feel like I had a family.”

How You Can Give

It’s time to do more. We’re ready to do more to accommodate a steady demand of teen moms in foster care. What’s needed? We’re building a residential home, 9600 square feet in size and capable of housing up to ten moms and their babies. Each room will provide adequate living space, including a bathroom, and will house a mom and up to two children.

Will you be one to help our moms push past the brink of mothering inexperience, minimal support resources, job insecurity and lack of a Godly influence that so often come into play? By doing so, you’ll extend a crucial helping hand to the numerous moms and babies who will be placed in our care over the coming years.

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